Passover Community Message


Dear Gesher Community,

The seder is a ritual that invokes memory and attachment. This year, the space between us is scary. It is odd and at odds with our memories and expectations for ritual behavior. But with the space between us, anything is possible: to grow without gathering, to connect without congregating, to create without convening. Which means the space between is sacred. Yes, the space between us is scary. But scared and sacred are so close — and we need to make space for both.

Typically, there is incredible excitement just before Passover when classes at Gesher hold sedarim, we fire up the mud oven to burn the chametz, and the school gets cleaned from head to toe as we prepare the building for Passover. Then, we all go home, bringing with us all the songs and traditions we learned at school, to celebrate with our families and take respite during Spring Break.

While we are all experiencing a changed world this Passover, we are grateful for the blessings that Gesher has brought to us over the past few weeks. We are grateful to the teachers for their flexibility as they transitioned to teaching digitally. We are grateful for the way parents jumped in to support us and minimize disruptions in our learning. We are grateful for all the long hours the faculty and staff worked to support the technology and the seamless running of the school. We are grateful for the creativity, support and community around us. We are grateful that in this time, we have found comfort in our Gesher community!

Gesher continues to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to become the next generation of Jewish leaders. After Passover, we will host an Eventless Event to assist in gathering necessary funds to enable Gesher to continue our meaningful work. Your impact can start today, to make a gift in advance of our Eventless Event, please CLICK HERE. Together we can sanctify the space between us.

May Passover be a time to rejuvenate, find the strength within us, and be grateful for the blessings that we have all around us, even in this changed world.


Wishing you a

meaningful Passover!

Sent with love from all of us at Gesher JDS

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