Teachers do Holy Work

By: Jodi Hirsch Rein, Gesher JDS Principal

Teachers do the most holy work and change the lives of children each and every day. The impact that Gesher teachers are having right now on our students is incredible. With the abrupt transition to a digital learning environment, our teachers have demonstrated flexibility and resilience as they continue educating our children through virtual classrooms and learning at home. While we are physically apart, Gesher teachers keep us connected through their classrooms. 

Next week is teacher appreciation week! I am incredibly grateful to all our teachers for their time and dedication, ensuring that every student has the ability to keep learning and attaining new skills. I am grateful for the creativity they have put into honing their craft online to ensure every student has the skills they need to reach their full potential. I have seen videos, projects, apps, science experiments, and innovative ways of connecting students. Students have written poetry, conversed in Hebrew, welcomed guest lecturers and even celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut online. All of this happened because of the ingenuity of our teachers. 

May we take time next week to thank our teachers for doing holy work and may we bless our teachers with the ability to find the strength to impart knowledge and wisdom each and every day to our Students.

Shabbat Shalom!