Happy Summer Gesher!

By: Jodi Hirsch Rein and Jennifer Scher 

Gesher Jewish Day School, we did it! Let’s all take a collective deep breath. Count with me; breath in 1….2…..3….Happy Summer!  We did this together, our whole community. Our teachers, our students, our parents, and our community at large. Thank you for getting us to this moment! 

Let us celebrate together what we accomplished during quarantine and remember how we elevated each other and how we shined during a time of challenge. While we could not have predicted a world pandemic, we have proved that by staying #GesherConnected, we can do it together! Let us celebrate the unbelievable resilience of our students, parents, and educators. Let us recognize  the incredible innovation that took place. Let us honor the commitment to success that we all shared. Let us exhale!!

As we begin to move forward, we will continue to  reflect, improve, and refine the way we teach, learn and collaborate together.  We vision for a future where we are reunited together in person, on our campus. We acknowledge that we must be flexible in what that gathering together will look like, but we remain committed to being #GesherConnected and to the academic excellence that we are known for throughout our Northern Virginia community. 

In this moment, we are also proud of our fabulous graduating 8th graders! This past Wednesday, we honored our students with a surprise parade of decorated cars to each of their houses. The joy echoed through the blasting music, the orchestra of beeps from the car horns, and the cheers from the sunroofs and through the windows. It has been an honor to learn alongside our students and to watch each of them grow and develop into unique, proud Jewish leaders. It was such a proud moment for us to send them off with such love and fun!

Mazel tov 8th grade class of 2020! Go forward with excitement, remain anchored in who you are, and remember to take those moments to breath, celebrate, reflect, and grow.