Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies curriculum at Gesher is multi-faceted and reflects our desire to instill in our students a deep love for their tradition, a desire to become lifelong learners, and an ability to read, understand, and appreciate the teachings of our people. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the core knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will enable them to be active participants and potential leaders in the Jewish community.

By studying Jewish communities around the world and throughout time, including within our own school community, our students learn about the multiple perspectives existing within Judaism while respecting individual traditions in their homes and synagogues. Families play an important role as participants in school life and as partners in Jewish learning.

Gesher’s students are engaged in a variety of significant cultural, religious, and academic activities that allow them develop an understanding of and appreciation for Jewish history and culture as expressed through our prayers, our sacred texts, and our holiday rituals. Our students shake a lulav and etrog during Sukkot, help light Shabbat candles every Friday afternoon, and eat falafel to celebrate Israel’s independence. Because of these experiences our students develop a strong sense of Jewish identity and pride. Students incorporate Jewish practices and Jewish values into their lives.

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