Elementary School

Our Kindergarten at Gesher is a full day program, designed to nurture the child's emerging academic and social skills. With the goal of encouraging individual curiosity while developing awareness of others, we work to create a highly academic environment and age appropriate classroom where continual learning through active play and constructive activities is constant throughout the day. Students reach important milestones in both reading and Hebrew language acquisition as their year progresses. Our kindergarten classroom, consistent with Jewish values, fosters a cohesiveness based on our belief that each child has something special to offer.

Our Elementary School (Grades K-5) advances the cognitive, social, and spiritual development of each child in a nurturing and innovative learning environment. In our dual curriculum, approximately 60% of classroom instructional time is devoted to General Studies and 40% to Jewish learning and Hebrew language. Individual learning needs are accommodated through differentiated instruction and by creating small learning groups within the classroom. Students have weekly lessons in art, music, computers, and library. Physical education is taught twice weekly. The values of kavod (respect) and tikkun olam (repairing the world) guide our school day. The classroom calendar is filled with field trips and special events that bring learning to life.

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