Middle School

Our Middle School (Grades 6-8) teachers work closely together as a team to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our students.  We nurture our students to become productive young adults who are able to make meaningful, thoughtful contributions to the world. Academic rigor across the curriculum is our standard, preparing students to be successful in any high school environment. Gesher students graduate the eighth grade with high school credits for Spanish I, Hebrew I, Algebra I, and, for some students, Geometry and Hebrew II as well. Our program includes after-school competitive athletics, community service, elective choices, interdisciplinary studies, Jewish life beyond bar and bat mitzvah, and student council leadership. In sixth grade, students spend three nights at the Teva Learning Center to learn more about stewardship of the earth, and in seventh grade students take an overnight trip to Philadelphia and visit the National Museum of American Jewish History and other important landmarks in the birthplace of American democracy. The most highly anticipated trip is the eighth grade trip to Israel, which lasts two weeks. During that trip, our students strengthen their personal attachment to Israel as they figure out the role of Israel in their Jewish identity.  The Middle School years come to a close with a moving graduation ceremony that celebrates the whole child, highlighting the extraordinary growth of each of our students.

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