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The Importance of Teaching Advocacy

This past week, I attended the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference. 18,000 Americans representing a variety of political affiliations, races, religions, and backgrounds came together from both sides of the aisle to advocate for a strong relationship between Israel and the United States.  I attend AIPAC each year because it is important for […]

Portrait of a Gesher Grad

Last week I wrote about how important it is for educators and students to understand where it is they are headed in any unit of learning, so that everyone can clearly see whether or not goals and outcomes have been met.  This is true at every level.  It is important for us to know where […]

DREAM BIG- Prizmah 2019 reflections by Jodi Hirsch Rein, Principal & Jennifer Scher, Director of Development

This week we attended the 2019 Prizmah Conference in Atlanta. Over three days, we engaged with 1100 Jewish day school educators and leaders to DREAM BIG about the future of Jewish education, the day school world, and to talk about our own personal dreams for our school and for our children. On Monday, we used […]

How will we use our power?

This week I was inspired by attending a kick-off gathering of our Gesher Parent Ambassadors.  Among those asked to speak were a number of Gesher alumni parents, including a parent who had a child in the founding kindergarten in 1982.  As we are celebrating our 36th Anniversary this year, hearing from this parent was particularly […]