Coding Resources

Kindergarten and First Grade:
Pixel the puppy is lost!  Use code to help Pixel get home by following the path and avoiding obstacles.
Lightbot is an educational game for kids that introduces several principles of programming. Children will practice concepts like sequence, conditions, and loops without typing or coding. Use problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles! Play online for FREE.
Download the app and play coding puzzles with the Foos!  Kids coders learn key concepts like sequencing and loops.
Second and Third Grade:
This story centers around “Moana and Maui” as they sail through unknown territory across the ocean. Students learn basic coding commands that help steer the boat and avoid obstacles they encounter in their journey. View the brief introduction video and read the directions for each activity as you discover how each command works in your line of code.
Design your own candy troll and go on a multi-level quest for candy using code in this Hour of Code activity.
Minecraft is back for Hour of Code.  Join in on the adventure!
Build your galaxy through Code!
Download the app and play coding puzzles with the Foos!  Kids coders learn key concepts like sequencing and loops.
Fourth and Fifth Grade + 
Minecraft is back for Hour of Code.  Join in on the adventure!
Help BB 8 while you build your galaxy through Code.
Use code to make your name come to life.
Use code to create your own unique music.
Use code to build a Snapchat Geofilter that expresses your vision for the future.
Other Coding Sites and Resources:
Made with Code by Google
Made to inspire girls to code..but fun and educational for all!
This is the “official” website for “Hour of Code” 2016. There are beginner as well as intermediate activities for all levels of coders. So it doesn’t matter if this is your first time or if you are a returning coder, you will find an activity that is just right for you! Be sure to watch the inspirational video on the main page.
Run and jump into coding! SpriteBox is a unique puzzle-platformer; a mix of exploration and learning to code.
Bit is a little, very adventurous LEGO® robot, but as with all small creatures, sometimes Bit cannot get its programs right. You can help Bit solve the challenges by figuring out which programs are needed. You do this by creating a sequence of small behavior blocks that tells Bit what to do.
Code Monster
Particularly good for kids, Code Monster features two adjacent boxes. One displays code, the other shows what the code does. As you play with the code (with some help from a prompt), you learn what each command does. Good for beginner coders!
Khan Academy
Known for its extensive and challenging math games, Khan Academy also has basic programming tutorials that teach kids how to build graphics, animations, interactive visualizations and more. Good for intermediate coders!
Code Monkey
CodeMonkey is an online game that teaches programming in a real programming language called CoffeeScript. In the game, users control a monkey and help him catch bananas by writing lines of code. CodeMonkey is suitable for children from the age of 9 and up, although we also have younger users. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late or too early to learn how to code. This is the FREE version so it is not the FULL version.
Designed by MIT students and aimed at children ages 8 to 16, this easy-to-use programming language lets kids build almost anything they can dream. There are no obscure lines of code here. Instead, arrange and snap together Scratch blocks as if they were virtual Legos. But it’s more than just a coding guide, it’s a vibrant online community of programmers who swap ideas and inspiration. Good for intermediate coders!
Like many popular coding programs, Tynker works with interlocking blocks of code, making coding language accessible to beginners. Intro courses here are FREE, but classes cost money and you will need your PARENT’s PERMISSION and $$$ to sign up for them! The FREE activities are good for beginners and intermediate coders!
Only available on iPads running iOS 10 
Swift Playgrounds is new app for iPad that uses puzzles and challenges to learn Swift. Swift is a programming language created by Apple and is used to create many of your favorite Apps. Swift playground is perfect for beginners like students starting out and programming pros. Swift playgrounds is FREE to download in the Apple App store on iPads running iOS 10.