Jewish Values

Gesher Jewish Day School serves Jewish families from all across Northern Virginia. Families of all types, with varied Jewish affiliations as well as non-affiliated families are represented in our student body.

We create an educational environment that is:

  • Pluralistic
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful of the wide range of family models, Jewish beliefs, and Jewish practices our students bring to our school

Through encounters with multiple approaches to Judaism, our students learn about themselves as well as how to respectfully differ from others. Graduates emerge with a strong sense of self as well as comfort within many different Jewish and non-Jewish settings.

We foster deep connections with Israel throughout our program, culminating in the signature 8th grade two-week Israel experience in which students develop their own unique relationship with our homeland.

The Jewish Studies curriculum at Gesher is multi-faceted and reflects our desire to instill in our students a deep love for their tradition, a desire to become lifelong learners, and an ability to read, understand, and appreciate the teachings of our people.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with the core knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will enable them to be active participants and potential leaders in the Jewish community.