Student Support Team

Gesher prides itself on providing its students with the academic support they need. We value independence, advocacy skills, study skills, and executive functioning skills. We also value meeting our students where they are and focusing on a growth mindset. The way we do this takes many forms but often includes support or intervention from our SST team.

What is SST? SST stands for Student Support Team.
Our student support team includes two learning specialists and our guidance counselor. They collaborate with each other as well as our classroom teachers and our administrative staff to support the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students that may go beyond those met through standard classroom practices. Depending on the grade level and needs, these students may be served through a push in or pull out model.

What does SST do?

    SST can aid families in a variety of ways including but not always limited to:

  • Walking parents through the IEP and 504 process
  • Attending County eligibility meetings
  • Collaborating with Therapists and Psychiatrists
  • Servicing students by pulling them out or pushing into the classroom setting to support that child’s accommodations
  • Collecting data on a child (both formal and anecdotal) to make an informed decision regarding next steps to service the student
  • Writing Learning Profiles based on evaluations and other documentation provided by psycho-educational evaluations
  • Partnering with parents to learn strategies to best help their child at home and at school
  • Partnering with guidance counselor if a social/emotional need is affecting a students academics
  • Coaching teachers on how to differentiate for learners with various strengths and challenges

What is a Learning Profile?
Learning Profiles, or LPs are usually 1-2 page documents that summarize a student’s strengths, accommodations, and next steps both for school and home. LPs are utilized in private schools as an alternative to Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans which are primarily public school documents. LPs are reviewed and signed by teachers annually as an agreement to provide the outlined accommodations to that student.