Student Support Team

At Gesher Jewish Day School, we advocate for the academic growth of every child and the health and wellness of all students, including their physical health, and their social and emotional well-being. Faculty members, parents, and students collaborate to identify student needs and scaffold the student experience as needed to ensure that individuals are able to make ongoing progress.

The Student Support Team (SST) endeavors to:

  • Gather data to indicate students’ needs and strengths
  • Communicate student needs and strengths to parents and teachers as appropriate
  • Provide resources to parents and partner with parents in search of ways to support their children’s development
  • Write Learning Profiles to document observed strengths, needs, and accommodations that are put in place to support individuals
  • Provide other documentation as needed to professionals about a child’s progress and challenges
  • Collaborate with faculty members to identify strategies to meet student needs and to modify expectations and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners