Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:
Gesher Jewish Day School provides a rigorous education rooted in Jewish values
and prepares students to live meaningful Jewish lives. Gesher students are
challenged to think critically and creatively in a pluralistic Jewish environment which
emphasizes academic excellence, an individualized approach to learning, ethical
leadership, and service to the community.

Vision Statement
Working in partnership with committed families, Gesher seeks to create a
community of deep belonging where our children can grow into ethical leaders,
empowered supporters of the State of Israel, and informed and responsible
American citizens.

Ten Habits of a Gesher Graduate

Gesher JDS graduates are:

  • Resilient – נצח: We seek challenges and are not afraid to fail.
  • Curious – סקרנות: Our eyes are open for opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Compassionate – רחמים: Our hearts are open to the needs and experiences of others.
  • Reflective – התבוננות: We look at ourselves realistically so that we can improve.
  • Rooted in Tradition – יסוד: We find ways to make Judaism a meaningful part of our lives each day.
  • Engaged – ערבות: We form meaningful relationships with others in our communities.
  • Leaders – מנהיגות: We advocate for our beliefs.
  • Morally Responsible – אחריות: We improve the world in ways that are consistent with Jewish values.
  • Communicators – תקשורת: We write and speak proficiently and effectively in both English and Hebrew.
  • Aware – בינה: We seek to understand our communities and the world around us.