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5 Questions Parents Should Ask Schools

At this time of year, many parents are deep in conversation about where to send their children to school next year.  As application deadlines grow closer (ours is January 31st), the decision can feel understandably overwhelming – after all, what is more emotionally loaded than where your children spend their whole day?  I’ve spent a […]

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Did you know that the noun “adult” now has a verb (gerund) form?  The word “adulting” was coined over the last few years to describe the mostly mundane things that millennials had to start doing after leaving college or their parents’ homes.  As a noun it is fairly clear, but as a verb, even though […]

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Brains, Bias, and Bigotry

I remember the first time I ever felt afraid during turbulence on an airplane.  My first child had been born a few months prior, and despite having flown many times without any reaction to turbulence before, it was like a switch had been thrown in my brain, and all of sudden I was terrified that […]

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Too Jewish? Yes. Also, No.

Over the past two weeks, I have written posts directly addressing some of the major concerns, questions, and perceptions we hear when we talk with families who are considering providing their children the gift of a Gesher JDS education.  I wrote about financial concerns, and how likely it is that a family will qualify for […]

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Getting to Gesher is easier than you think

Last week I wrote about making the shift in thinking that many families require in order to consider sending a child to Jewish Day School.  The next step for many who live in NoVA is: How the heck am I going to get them there? Anyone living in the DMV has to take transportation and […]

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