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The Language of Belonging

This week we read the Torah portion that describes Noah’s Ark and the flood, which is a popular story most of us haven’t looked at closely since childhood.  Another popular story from the same portion has to do with the Tower of Babel, which is traditionally read with the moral of the story: If you […]

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Reflect, set SMARTgoals, and take action

If you walked through the halls of Gesher this week, you would hear the sound of the shofar, the singing of holiday songs, and students engaged in serious and thoughtful discussion, reflecting on their personal goals for the upcoming year. As a Jewish community, the holiday season is the time we dedicate to goal setting, […]

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Uncover the secret parenting inspiration found during the Hebrew month of Elul.

Welcome to the Hebrew month of Elul! Excited?! Meh, not so much. There is nothing particularly significant for you to observe this month. The high holidays are next month. This time of year is somewhat quiet on the Jewish calendar. As a result, Jewish tradition has elevated Elul to become a reflective time of year […]

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Gesher Summer 2019 Update

I often find that friends and colleagues I speak to during the summer assume that either I am not working right now (because I am in the Education field) or that I am working but that not much is going on.  In fact, that perception is so widespread that even many faculty members don’t understand […]

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Class of 2019 Graduation Remarks

We’ve had an amazing academic year here at Gesher JDS! We were re-accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS), we honored educators at our 36th Anniversary Gala, and our students and educators made great strides along our ongoing path towards increased organizational and educational excellence.  Most recently, we were proud to graduate an […]

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